Posted On: June 8, 2015

Joint-clinical-research-center-has-selected-data-team-to-develop-its-ICT strategic plan

JCRC is one of the largest antiretroviral therapy (ART) centers in Uganda, and currently the most advanced reference laboratory for other HIV/AIDS partners in the country with capacity to do sophisticated tests required for ART monitoring and detection of resistance to antiretroviral (ARV) drugs.  JCRC pioneered the use of antiretroviral therapy in Sub Saharan Africa as early as 1992 when it conducted the first ARV therapy trial in Africa aimed at determining the safe and effective use of Zidovudine, a new drug at the time.

Over the years, the organization has seen significant expansions in its scope and mandate in the provision of advanced laboratory services.  The quick growth of JCRC HIV/AIDS service delivery and clinical research programs were not adequately matched by parallel growth in the area of financial management, leadership and governance, and overall information system management. Therefore, in March 2013, USAID requested MSH Leadership, Management and Governance project to provide capacity building support to JCRC. An ICT Assessment was carried out and strategic vision was laid out along with a series of recommendations to achieve that vision.One of the key goals of the support was to assist JCRC to comprehensively review the overall information management system (MIS) with the ultimate goal to help strengthen ICT department and its operations

Data Team was awarded the contract to develop the JCRC ICT strategic plan and ensure JCRC harness and incorporates ICT in its operations to smoothen its work processes

Data Team has shown high level of technical skills in the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management.

- Head ICT (UAC) Uganda

"The Beneficiary Registration and Tracking system has become an Indispensable tool for OPM DRM, We can now track real time who and how much relief each beneficiary is getting. "

- DRM Officer (Office of Prime Minister) Uganda