In the wake of a major natural disasters, government, donor organizations and NGOs require readily accessible, timely, and reliable information about “who is doing what, where, and how” to plan and coordinate post-disaster recovery and reconstruction activities. Data Teams Post-Disaster Beneficiary Management Suite supports stakeholders with efficient online data reporting, providing a comprehensive, up-to-date picture and bio-metric data of personnel affected by a disaster this quickly helps support governments and donor agents on determining the quantity to supply and ensure it has reached the final beneficiary.

What can you do with Our Post-Disaster Beneficiary Management Suite?

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Post-Disaster Beneficiary Management Suite is a web-based software platform for data entry and tracking (online, offline, and mobile), performance analytics/reporting, geo-spatial mapping (GIS), project concept note management, and citizen feedback—all in one seamless environment. Post-Disaster Beneficiary Management Suite promotes effective mobilization, utilization and management of DRM resources, and improves transparency and accountability to citizens.

 Report Disasters and Align Funds with Priority Needs

Users of Post-Disaster Beneficiary Management Suite can report disaster events online, offline or via mobile app, recording critical information such as affected locations and populations, emergency response efforts, and estimates of damages, losses and needs. This information can then be match with recovery assistance to aligned funds with needs and priorities.

 Plan Recovery Projects


Submission, review, and approval of recovery project proposals don’t have to be challenging. DRM’s online Concept Note module helps governments to select projects, supporting data-driven recovery planning.

Geo-spatial Mapping of Recovery Projects

GIS gives users a range of geo-referenced data plotting and visualization options, to gain an overview of “who is doing what, where, and how”, enhancing coordination, planning, and monitoring of recovery efforts.

 Reporting, Analytics & Citizen Feedback

Reporting module automates the production of customizable reports, lists, and charts, and “Public Views” allowing the controlled publication of performance reports, and increased transparency and accountability. Reports, charts and graphs can be exported in common file formats.

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Data Team has shown high level of technical skills in the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management.

- Head ICT (UAC) Uganda

"The Beneficiary Registration and Tracking system has become an Indispensable tool for OPM DRM, We can now track real time who and how much relief each beneficiary is getting. "

- DRM Officer (Office of Prime Minister) Uganda