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Nile Basin Discourse Projects Monitoring and Evaluation System Solution

In order to automate and ease its reporting, the NBD Secretariat sought to develop NBD’s online Monitoring and Evaluation System, The system will be used to collect and manage current and upcoming Monitoring and Evaluation data, both qualitative and quantitative on complex activities of the Secretariat and across the NDFs in 11 Nile Basin countries; enable the use of a structured Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) framework,

Data Team has shown high level of technical skills in the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management.

- Head ICT (UAC) Uganda

"The Beneficiary Registration and Tracking system has become an Indispensable tool for OPM DRM, We can now track real time who and how much relief each beneficiary is getting. "

- DRM Officer (Office of Prime Minister) Uganda