Name of Client

United Nations Development Programme




Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala,

Address of Client

Plot 11, Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala, Uganda

Proffessional Staff Attached to Project

Mr. Ahumuza Godfrey Mr. Timothy Kibira Mr. Natumanya Brian

Duration of the Project

4 Months

Reference Person

Mr Alfred Ogom

Systems Administrator UNDP, Email:- alfred.ongom@undp.org , Tel:- +256772289209


The project was aimed at developing a Beneficiary Tracking and Registration Electronic Database that allows for capture of automated important data of beneficiaries dis-aggregation by gender, age and other indicators. And also using bio metric fingerprint devices to capture thumb prints and cameras to capture passport photos.
In response to the frequent disasters which Uganda is facing, the government of Uganda put in place a number of measures to address the effect of emergencies and disasters on the population. This measure includes among others the launch of the National Policy for Disaster Preparedness and Management in 2010 and the training of staff on DRM. Despite the above, DRM in Uganda still faces a number of challenges among which are no laws to support implementation of the national policy on disaster, inadequate funding of DRM activities, poor coordination of DRM at all level and inadequate information to guide development of a comprehensive national DRP plan and poor beneficiary tracking system. To this end, OPM requested UNDP to support the development of a beneficiary tracking system that would help to consolidate a database of beneficiaries from the different interventions. To develop this there was need to review the existing beneficiary tracking systems and databases, identify the pros and the cons and develop one which has the capacity to track impact and provide feedback.

Need to harmonize approaches to DRM: There are many stakeholders in Uganda using different approaches in tracking the beneficiaries of interventions. Despite OPM being responsible for coordinating disaster interventions in the country, there is no systematic approach in terms of tracking the beneficiaries and the impact of responses in DRM. Thus, the need to develop a beneficiary tracking and database system.


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Data Team has shown high level of technical skills in the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management.

- Head ICT (UAC) Uganda

"The Beneficiary Registration and Tracking system has become an Indispensable tool for OPM DRM, We can now track real time who and how much relief each beneficiary is getting. "

- DRM Officer (Office of Prime Minister) Uganda